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To create a good, nutrient-rich compost, the best garden waste to use is clippings, leaves, plants and hedge cuttings. A good petrol garden shredder will efficiently shred these items, ensuring they rot away quickly to produce fantastic high quality compost.

Once the waste material has been shredded, simply transfer it to a compost bin and let it decompose; the resulting compost can in turn be added to your garden beds and borders so that its nutrients help encourage the growth of strong, healthy plants.

Woody, brown garden waste is less suitable for creating compost, due to the lengthy time it takes to decay. However, a petrol garden shredder with a chipping facility will effortlessly turn tougher brown waste items such as tree branches into extremely useful mulch.

Once the petrol garden shredder has processed the material it can be placed on beds and borders to suppress weeds, help the retention of moisture in the soil and also serve as a decorative finish. As the mulch slowly decays over time, the soil will benefit from its nutrients.

Don’t forget that mulch is totally versatile and can also be used to dress children’s play areas as well as garden paths.
A petrol garden shredder really will enable you to effectively recycle your garden waste and make a contribution to the environment, as well as ensuring that your garden receives the nourishment is requires, year after year.

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