Chipping/Shredding Service.

Have you recently cut your hedge or pruned your shrubs and don’t know how to dispose of the rubbish ?

We can provide a shredding/chipping service whereby we will come and chip your cuttings for you, these can either be left behind to spread on your garden as a biodegradable mulch or they can be taken away for safe disposal. This service is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than hiring a skip.
There are numerous benefits of spreading the chips on the garden which can be found here
Mulch ready to be spread on the garden

The 18hp petrol chipper that we use has a capacity 100mm (4″ inches) and is only 760mm (30″ inches) wide so will go through most garden gateways giving easy access into rear gardens.

Please contact me to arrange for a free quotation, a site inspection will be needed before work is carried out.